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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Information Directory


The Bookstore in the Walker Fine Arts/Student Center provides all required texts, supplementary materials and school supplies. The Bookstore is open at scheduled hours. During registration, the store is open all day and in the evening for the convenience of students. On request, the bookstore operator will try to obtain special materials needed for particular courses.

Campus Police/Security

Campus Security is responsible for maintaining the security of the buildings and grounds, as well as the safety of persons at P&HCC. If needed, Security may be contacted through the switchboard operator. In case of an emergency outside normal working hours, contact Campus Security at telephone number 276-656-5494 or dial 911 for assistance. Dial 7 before dialing 911 when using college office telephones.

Pursuant to regulatory requirements, P&HCC provides current information on campus security. Information may be obtained online at: Printed copies are available on request from the Student Success and Enrollment Services office.

P&HCC Alert

Patrick & Henry Community College uses P&HCC Alert to contact you during a major crisis or emergency. P&HCC Alert delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to you on these devices: * E-mail account (employee or student) * Cell phone (pop-up notification only). When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will notify you using P&HCC Alert. P&HCC Alert is a free service offered by Patrick & Henry Community College. To initiate your account, visit

Campus Emergency Team

P&HCC faculty and staff comprise the college’s Campus Emergency Team which is prepared to address potential and confirmed emergencies on campus. For more information, please contact the campus safety office at 276-656-5494.

Threat Assessment Team

The Threat Assessment Team exists to access a student’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and provide appropriate intervention and referral for students that present a danger to self, others, or the campus community.

Change of Name, Address or Phone Number

Students are responsible for reporting any change in contact information to the Office of Admissions and Records via self-service under Campus Personal Information. This is necessary to update college records and provide for effective contact with students. The college will accept official notice from USPS of a change of address and adjust student records accordingly. 

Clothing Requirements

Dress is a matter of individual taste, except for restrictions of health and safety. Exceptions are specified attire for physical fitness activities and laboratory courses.


In the event of a fire in a building, the fire alarm sounds. If this happens, everyone must leave the building immediately by calmly proceeding to the nearest exit. Leave by routes shown on the signs posted in classrooms, offices, labs, and halls.

First Aid

If a student is injured or becomes ill while on campus, the Campus Security Department should be contacted immediately. First aid kits are available in all buildings.

In the event of an emergency, dial 911. Dial 7 before dialing 911 when using college office telephones.

Food Services

Snacks and drinks are available in the snack bar and campus vending area throughout the day. Food and drink may be consumed in the Patriot Café in the Walker Fine Arts/Student Center. In Stone Hall, the Philpott Hall and the Frith Economic Development Center, food and drink may be consumed in the area by the snack machines or in other designated areas.

Graduation Rates

Pursuant to regulatory requirements, P&HCC provides current information on graduation rates. Information can be obtained on-line at: Printed copies are available on request from the Admissions and Records Office.

Inclement Weather Policy

Occasionally, it is necessary to cancel classes because of inclement weather. Every effort is made to keep the college open during inclement weather. However, when conditions dictate, the college may open late to allow road conditions to improve. Each student is expected to decide whether it is possible or safe to come to the college. Every attempt will be made to work with students who must be absent because of the weather.

Under the inclement weather policy, classes will operate as regularly scheduled regardless of the time the college opens. For example, if classes begin at 10:00am because of a 2-hour delay, students will attend classes as scheduled from 10:00am forward. Any classes missed due to a delay in opening will be given an assignment through the college’s VCCS Learning Management System. Students will not attend classes that were scheduled before the college opens. Instructors will provide information regarding assignments during any missed class time.

One question that arises is: what would students do if they have a class that begins at 9:30am and finishes at 10:45am, as an example of a class that begins before the college opens, but ends afterwards. If there is a 2-hour delay in opening the college, student should attend class beginning at 10:00am, which provides 45 minutes of instruction. The general rule is for classes that have 30 or more minutes remaining in their scheduled time, students should attend that class when the college opens. Another example of this is: if the class is scheduled to meet from 9:00am until 11:50am, students will begin the class at 10:00 and end at the regularly scheduled time if there is a 2- hour delay in opening. Any questions regarding how this change in policy affects your particular class should be directed to the instructor of your class.

Off-Campus Students: Classes at the Patrick County Site will follow the same inclement weather schedule as the main P&HCC campus in Martinsville, unless otherwise announced. The delayed schedule will be in effect upon authorized release to P&HCC Alert, local radio & television stations and the P&HCC website:

Lost and Found

Lost and found articles should be turned into or reclaimed from the Switchboard in the main lobby of West Hall.

Orientation to the College Environment

P&HCC offers a general process to acquaint new students with the purposes and programs of the college. The SDV 100    class offers each student an opportunity to meet individual needs and receive academic credit for graduation.

Each semester, a variety of College Survival Skills classes focusing upon topics that will enhance personal development and aid the student in adapting to the college environment are offered. The college strongly encourages students to enroll in this required course prior to or during their first semester, but in any case, must enroll during their first 15 hours of classes.

Parking, Traffic Control and Car Emergency Services

All students must park in designated parking areas. Violators will be subject to a ticket and fine. Tickets are issued for the following violations:

  • parking in a designated handicapped space without DMV issued license plates or decal
  • parking in a restricted area (yellow curb)
  • parking in or along roadway leading to parking lots
  • parking in a posted “no parking” zone
  • parking in a reserved parking space
  • blocking drive leading into parking lot
  • blocking parked vehicles in parking lot
  • parking in or around main entrance
  • occupying more than one space
  • any improper parking that affects traffic flow

The speed limit on the entrance road is 25 miles per hour and reduced to 15 miles per hour in the parking areas.

Groups of students participating in overnight conferences or field trips may leave their cars on campus. These cars should be parked together in the student parking lot near West Hall in a well-lit area. Students or student groups who wish to return to their cars after 10 p.m. on weekdays, or after dark on weekends, should contact Campus Security at telephone number 276-656-5494.

If an accident occurs on college grounds, witnesses should report details to Campus Security without delay. The Virginia State Police will be called to investigate all accidents.

Campus Security will assist campus motorists with starting dead batteries, unlocking vehicles and changing flat tires. Campus Security may be contacted through the switchboard operator or by calling 276-656-5494.

School Colors and Mascot

P&HCC’s school colors are royal blue and gold. The mascot is the “Patriot.”


Smoking or the use of any and all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, is prohibited in all P&HCC buildings, or within 25 feet of building entrances, or in college vehicles. Please smoke only in designated areas.


Cell phones should be turned off in classrooms. The college does not deliver personal phone messages.