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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Clubs and Organizations

Campus Life Office

This office is responsible for coordinating and implementing the policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of campus organizations and activities. In addition to assisting the student government, student publications, and clubs, the Campus Life office helps individual students, informal groups, and faculty and staff to develop new activities and services to meet the needs of the campus community. Contact this office to find out what types of programs are on campus.

If you see a need that is not being met, tell someone about it– better yet, DO something about it. Suggestions and requests for social, cultural, recreational, and co-curricular activities are most welcome. The Campus Life office is in the Walker Fine Arts Student Center.

Scheduling of Events: Advance scheduling of events is important to allow for adequate publicity and for special arrangements such as room assignment, speaker’s platform and audio-visual equipment. Scheduled and registered events are placed on the official student activities calendar in the Campus Life office.

Administration of Justice Association

This association is open to all ADJ curriculum students and those students who have completed or are enrolled in 12 ADJ credits. The Administration of Justice Association is designed to promote the ADJ program at P&HCC, to help bring safety awareness to P&HCC and its local community, and to encourage high standards of scholarship and professionalism among its members.

Academic Success Group (ASG)

The purpose of the Academic Success Group is to provide students with disabilities an opportunity to learn more about specific strategies that focus on their strengths and resources available to assist them, as well as a chance to meet other students with similar learning challenges. Members stay up to date with the disAbility Counselor and the services provided by Student Support Services. ASG activities also include guest speakers, educational field trips, and promoting disability awareness on campus.

Alliance for Excellence

The Alliance for Excellence is a non-profit minority recruitment and retention program which is jointly sponsored by the Community College Ministries and four area colleges: Danville Community College, Central Virginia Community College, Virginia Western Community College, and our own P&HCC. Each member college has a director who is in charge of programming for the institution. These programs consist of activities to enhance the image of the institution in the eyes of the minority population in order to facilitate greater recruitment and retention. Current programs include an annual academic excellence recognition program, motivational seminars, church-based tutoring services, and Youth Alliance Programs.

B.A.S.S. Masters

This club helps stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.  The clubs help detect and report any pollution or polluter by calling public and political attention to his/her crime. The club helps improve skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of bass catching techniques.  The club promotes and encourages youth fishing and a love for this sport. The club works with other chapters of the state B.A.S.S Nation, embracing the principles and purposes of B.A.S.S.

Brown Bag Seminars

Students come together to learn information about various topics. Some topics include financial aid, Student Support Services, and various other topics. Brown Bag Seminars are held every month.

Multi-Cultural/Cross Cultural Club

Provides members who are interested in learning about other cultures and their customs the opportunity to do so in a friendly and open environment. MC/CC promotes cultural diversity and understanding among the entire P&HCC community. Eligibility Requirements: Open to students, faculty, staff and anyone in the P&HCC service area who is interested in learning about other cultures, their customs, foods, and traditions.

Environmental Club

The purpose of the club is to dedicate time and promote the care of the Earth throughout Patrick & Henry, as well as through our community. Students will engage in environmental friendly projects and ideas.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The purpose of Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to provide students at P&HCC with the opportunity to gather for fellowship. Members have the opportunity to enjoy presentations from various motivational speakers intended to stimulate not only intellectually but spiritually as well. Membership is open to all P&HCC students, faculty and staff.

eSports Club

The eSports Club at Patrick & Henry Community College provides a competitive, yet friendly online gaming environment. Teams compete in high-level strategy electronic gaming. Interest is high; esports are a perfect fit for many talented P&HCC students who have grown up with the gaming industry.

Players on competitive rosters receive assistance in preparation for the professional leagues from P&HCC staff, who have a wealth of esports experience.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The purpose of Athletics is to encourage students to continue their athletic opportunities in order to prepare themselves for a four-year institution. P&HCC is a member of the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) and competes in Region X competition. Sports offered are men’s baseball; men’s basketball; women’s basketball; women’s softball; men’s and women’s soccer; men’s and women’s golf; men’s and women’s cross country; volleyball; and club cheerleading. The objectives of athletics are:

  • to provide the opportunity for college students to continue their interest in athletics;
  • to provide an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and athletics;
  • to develop intrapersonal skills through teamwork;
  • to continue to develop skills in a sport through proper coaching and leadership.

To be eligible to participate in Athletics, a student must meet the following guidelines:

Requirements for Entering Student-Athletes: Student- athletes must be a high school graduate or one who has received a high school equivalency diploma or has been certified as having passed a national test such as the General Education Development Test (GED). High schools must be accredited or recognized by the Department of Education for that state.

Requirements for Current Students - Prior to the last date to register for the second full- time semester, as published in the college catalog, a student-athlete must have passed 12 semester hours with a 2.0 GPA or higher. Prior to the last official date to register for the third full-time semester, and all subsequent semesters thereafter, as published in the college catalog, a student-athlete must pass a minimum of 12 semester hours with a 2.00 GPA or higher during the previous semester of full-time enrollment.

Current NJCAA Guidelines limit participation to 2 years total which includes membership on a team at the varsity, junior varsity, or club level at any college or university. Courses completed at other VCCS institutions will be computed into a student’s overall GPA, including developmental courses. Regular class attendance is expected of all Athletic participants. All Athletic participants will be required to “try out” and to adhere to all college and team rules.

If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the Athletic Director.


The purpose of the intramural program is to provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in a variety of physical activities on a self-directed, self-selected basis. Intramural activities represent a higher level of competition for those students who are beyond the fundamental, self-learning level found in many of the physical education activity classes. A varied intramural program is offered each semester, involving activities for both men and women. Activities are open to full- or part-time students, staff and faculty of the college.

NOTE: The college is not responsible for any injuries incurred by a student during club or sports activities. Students are responsible for providing their own health-related insurance.

Motorsports Club

Members must be enrolled in Motorsports program or courses. The purpose of the Motorsports Club is to improve P&HCC’s Motorsports program to world class, recruit new students to the Motorsports program, and to assist Motorsports students in job hunting after graduation.

Nursing Students Association (NSA)

Membership in the nursing students association gives nursing students a united voice on a state and national level, as well as a chance to have an impact on their profession by sharing in decision making. NSA is the largest independent health professional student organization in the U.S., and the only one for nursing students. Members are a part of a vital, growing association, interested in the needs of nursing students. Members also raise funds for scholarships.

Patriot Players

Patriot Players is a performing troupe at Patrick & Henry Community College that offers local students and community members the opportunity to:

  • engage in a structured performing arts environment;
  • broaden artistic talent; and
  • offer college educational opportunities and elective credits to rising 10th through 12th grade students and community members 18 years old or older.

P&HCC Dance Club

Encourage social partner dancing in the P&HCC community- primarily Swing, Latin, and perhaps some ballroom styles and give the community a place to learn and practice new dances.

P&HCC Peer Health Education Network

P&HCC along with Piedmont Community Services is sponsoring a university based peer leadership organization focused on comprehensive health promotion and wellness strategies. Students will use primary prevention techniques to actively promote healthy lifestyle decisions concerning tobacco use, stress management, alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, and other high-risk behaviors. The club is open to students of all academic levels actively enrolled in classes at P&HCC.

Club Requirements include: full-time or part-time enrollment and good academic standing with the college.

P&HCC Student Veterans

The P&HCC Student Veterans club provides a peer-to-peer network for veterans, active duty, National Guard/Reserve Unit and their dependents who are students at P&HCC. The P&HCC  Veterans club will provide on-going information and programs geared toward the success of higher education for this student population.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa, a national honorary society, is to recognize and encourage scholarship, to provide opportunities for leadership and services, and to foster an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas, lively fellowship for scholars, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Members must be enrolled in a degree program. Psi Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at P&HCC was chartered on June 13, 1972.

To be eligible for active membership in Phi Theta Kappa, a student must:

  • be enrolled in a two-year college;
  • have accumulated the number of credit hours used by that college to designate full-time status (12 credits) in a curricula program;
  • have achieved a grade-point average equivalent to not less than 3.5 with 12 credits or 3.2 with 24 credits;
  • have established academic excellence as judged by the faculty;
  • be of good moral character and possess recognized qualities of citizenship.

Active membership is by invitation.

Psychology Club

The P&HCC Psychology Club is a student organization open to any student who has an interest in psychology. The organization offers students opportunities to connect during meetings and club events. 

For more information, contact Patti Amos at


  • This organization is designed to help its members build leadership skills and improve their understanding and knowledge of psychology.
  • It promotes identification with the science of psychology and encourages participation in outreach activities to enhance the behavioral health of people in the college community. 
  • The club also provides opportunities for students to interact with faculty outside of the classroom while enriching the undergraduate experience on campus. 


Resolve is a fitness club open to all students interested in maintaining personal health and fitness. Members emphasize and organize campus events related to overall wellness and encourage the campus community to become aware of health classes and exercise facilities at Patrick & Henry Community College.

Rotaract Club

The purpose of this organization is for the members to address their communities’ physical and social needs while promoting international understanding and peace throughout a framework of friendship and service.

Student Bible Study Group

The Student Bible Study Group is a student-led group that meets regularly on P&HCC’s campus to read and discuss the Christian Bible. The discussion is informal and friendly. The aim of the group is simply to have a space for fellow believers (or those curious about the Bible) to meet together. The group is open to anyone and does not require formal membership or commitment. During meetings, members read, discuss, share, and pray together (note: no one is compelled to participate in these activities unless they desire to do so). 

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association encourages communication and cooperative experiences among students, faculty and administrators. The SGA also promotes and plans student activities, and encourages student involvement in the college and the community. All full- and part-time students who have a 2.0 grade point average may run as officers and representatives of the SGA. This grade point average must be maintained throughout their term of office. The SGA extends a welcome to any student interested in becoming involved with inner workings of student life. Students may also be represented on standing committees of the college. Students interested in running for SGA offices, or becoming involved in student government, should contact the student activities director.

Procedures for Establishing Club-Sponsored Events

In addition to compliance with student social activity policy, the following conditions must be met in performing a club-sponsored event:

  • Submit all event proposals in writing to the Coordinator of Campus Life and Fine Arts ten days prior to the event. Include the time, place, date, and cost (total for event and per person). Ask the staff of the Public Relations department (Frith Economic Development Center) to assist with or review publications such as programs, flyers and press releases or ads.
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for the funds raised at the event. Prior to the start of the activity, have the Coordinator of Campus Life and Fine Arts approve a method of assuring the accurate amount of money collected per person or couple.
  • Deposit receipts and total funds raised in the club account within one working day after the event. Complete the proper documents for sponsoring activities and file them with the appropriate department (i.e., facilities utilization request form, internal purchase request form). Complete a Student Activities Report (SAR) following each event.

Student Social Activity Policy

The organization sponsoring a student function must notify the Coordinator of Campus Life & Fine Arts and register the date of the function at least ten days prior to the event.

All students who attend social functions at Patrick Henry & Community College must have paid their activity fees for the current school year. There may also be an admission fee for functions. Each student is responsible for the behavior of an invited guest.

  • All social functions must be chaperoned. The responsibility for the behavior of students and guests at a college social function lies primarily with the membership of the organization holding the function. Specifically designate a minimum of two students, or one student per fifty people expected in attendance, as student chaperones. The student chaperones will be assisted by chaperone(s) representing the faculty and staff of the college. All student chaperones must have the approval of the Coordinator of Campus Life & Fine Arts.
  • Chaperones may require a student or guest to leave the premises whenever such individual is disruptive or acts in an unlawful manner, fails to comply with rules and regulations of the college, or unduly interferes with the activity.
  • Chaperones who are directly involved in any serious incident should orally report it to the Vice President of Academic and Student Success Services as soon as possible and follow up with a written description of the incident, including names of the participants, witnesses, and a summary of the action taken to be submitted to the Vice President of Academic and Student Success Services no later than 12 noon of the next working day.
  • The faculty or staff chaperone(s) is the guest of the student organization sponsoring the activity. He or she should be present for the entire time of the social activity or to make arrangements with another faculty or staff chaperone to carry out the responsibilities. A faculty or staff chaperone may make an agreement with the sponsoring student group to be present for a designated period of hours provided there is adequate faculty or staff chaperone coverage for the duration of the event. It is a student responsibility to arrange for full coverage.

Honor Code

Patrick & Henry Community College will not tolerate any form of dishonesty including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the college, forgery, or alteration or use of college documents or instruments of identification with intent to defraud. All students are expected to abide by the honor code and may be required to sign a pledge on their work such as:

Pledge: On my honor, I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment/test/exam.