Sep 22, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog


Science Specialization: Pre-BSN, AA&S

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Length: 61 credits


  • To prepare Associate Degree Registered Nurse graduates to enter university B.S.N. bridge programs* (2+1+1 option).
  • To provide a curriculum of study for eligible students (i.e. students with prior degrees, students who have dual enrolled) who are waiting to apply to the Associate Degree (1+2+1 option).
  • To prepare transfer students to enter B.S.N programs (2+2 option).
  • To assist Pre-Nursing Career Studies Certificate completer’s who are waiting to apply and be accepted to the Associate Degree Nursing program and plan to continue their education at the B.S.N. level.

Program Learning Outcomes: A student will be able to:

  • demonstrate minimum proficiency in General Education Skills which are defined as oral communication, written communication, mathematical/problem solving, scientific reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking;
  • demonstrate competency in identifying human organs and listing specific functions of organs that make up organ systems
  • identify the path taken by nutrients as they travel through the digestive system;
  • distinguish between the different drug classifications and commonly prescribed medications; and
  • demonstrate quantitative literacy by using and interpreting tables and graphs.

Curricular Requirements: Students must earn a grade of C or higher in courses that are required  in the Associate of Applied Science Health Technology Nursing degree program, and Practical Nursing Certificate program. Students pursuing transfer for a BSN must earn a C or higher in all courses. 

Total Credits: 24

Total Credits: 3

Literature Elective

Select from:

Total Credits: 3

Total Credits: 20

Total Credits: 5

Total Credits: 6

Minimum Required for Degree: 61 Credits

Advising Sheet

Advising Sheet Suggested Schedules: Courses in advising sheets are displayed under the semester in which the courses are regularly offered. It is possible that a course shown on the schedule for a particular semester may not be offered due to low enrollment or other factors.

Developmental Prerequisites  

NOTE:MTH 245   and  MTH 161  may require co-enrollment in MDE 61 or completion of MDE 60.  MDE 54 or MDE 55 may be required as a co-enrollment for MTH 154 and MTH 155. 

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